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The RedPost/Sign, combined with our Corktop software, is the simplest platform for deploying digital signs and posters.

Born in 2007, our beautiful, simple creation has expanded across 44 states and 8 countries. We've now redesigned our Sign from the ground up, making it lighter, thinner, smarter and yes, cheaper.

A shiny, all-in-one package for $599
Add $99 for 3G + $25/mo for 2GB 3G

Simple Setup

  1. Plug your Sign in
  2. Connect to the network (3G available)
  3. Login and connect to Corktop
  4. That's it!


  • Orients vertically, like a paper poster, or horizontally
  • Replaceable, customizable frame
  • Plasma-cut steel case manufactured in Goshen, Indiana


  • Fanless, quiet operation
  • Solid state disk, boots in seconds
  • Latest generation Intel chipset
  • Powered by open source technology


  • Connects to our Corktop software or to any website URL
  • Plays Flash, images and WebM video
  • Integrate RSS feeds and website URLs for automated content

Technical Specifications


  • Plays simple playlists, organized by you using Corktop
  • Powered by Firefox 13+ running in fullscreen mode
  • Optimized installation of Ubuntu 12.04
  • Plays Adobe Flash, JPEG, PNG, GIF and HTML content
  • Compatible with HTML5 WebM video

Manage your posters with our easy-to-use software, called Corktop


  • Screen: 21.5" Samsung LED, oriented vertically or horizontally
  • Intel DN2800MT thin-Mini-ITX mainboard
  • Intel Atom N2800 1.86GHz processor with 2GB of memory, expandable to 4GB
  • 4GB SSD hard drive, upgradeable to 1TB
  • Networking: wired, 802.11 b/g/n wifi or T-Mobile 3G ($25/mo for 2GB with a 2 year contract)
  • Case: black laminated recycled MDF
  • Power consumption: <50W at 120/220V
Call 877-REDPOST or Email to order.
Volume discounts available.